La Luna is a Rocker

Benaroya Hall, Seattle, WA. July 16, 2011 (via shit-eddie-vedder-says)

There was one interesting thing that happened years ago that I don’t think I’ve ever talked about publicly. It was a crazy time… um, ‘92 or something. See, not many of us survived. But it was uh—I remember coming back from Europe at some point, it was kind of a bit of a whirlwind, and uh, getting back, and then got the news that a friend of ours that was in the group, Seven Year Bitch… uh, we were friends with the group, we’d played together a few times, we’d go see each other play. And uh, the guitarist, her name’s Stefanie Sargent, um, she died of a heroin overdose like, two days before I got home. And I hadn’t heard until I—it was the first message I got when I landed.

And we had played a show at Amsterdam the night before, stayed out all night in Amsterdam, got on the plane without having taken a shower after playing a show and staying out all night. Got home and, pretty ragged, and then got that message. So I grabbed a bottle of wine, like a big bottle, called Magnums, I think? And, uh, it was a fully-loaded Magnum. And I went to Discovery Park, took a long walk, and then went off the, like, kind of there’s a side of the cliff and then a little thing, and there was a little overhang, so there’s this secret spot that was overlooking some trees, and the then the water and mountains. But um, it was just me and that bottle and uh, I stayed there for the longest time, and uh, it was starting to getting sort of dusk out. And I could hear voices—the trail was right above me—so I could hear people going by, and you know, they’d be talking or walking their dogs, whatever it is. You know, sound carries pretty well in the outdoors, and I could hear this strange sound, and what it was was like four or five teenage girls maybe 16, 17, singing like, “Stairway to Heaven,” was the first one, but operatic.


And just laughing, and it was just bizarre, and I, you know, I still don’t—I’m sure I will learn about teenage girls pretty soon. But that was one of the first things I was… and it was great, it was unbridled, and this is what they do, and obviously there wasn’t any boys around, it didn’t sound like. So they’re just, it was good clean, fun. It was great. But I’m listening to it, and then they did some other song, and then I got closer, and then they started singing something that took me a minute to gather what it was… but I thought, “Well that sounds familiar.” And then, and then I realized it was that song, “Black.”


So, I probably should’ve just stayed where I was and let them pass by, but… And I wonder what they were thinking, and maybe now that this story gets out, because I don’t know if they’ve ever told this story, cause I can only imagine what it was like for them, because they were walking by singing this, and then there’s a cliff, and then there’s a bush, and then out of the bush— comes the exact stereotypical version of me, with you know, haven’t slept in days, stink to high heaven, haven’t brushed my teeth, half bottle of—giant half bottle of red wine, poking out of the bush. And at this point, three of the girls were ahead, and two were there, and they looked at me like there was a mirage or something. And I just, I just said, “Don’t sing it like that.” And turned around and went back into the bush.

So… they-they kind of disappeared, I didn’t-I didn’t hear of them again, and then all of a sudden about six minutes later, they were back, and the two girls were telling the other three, “He was right here, he came out of the bush, and he said— and looked like— and had the—and it was right here,” and they were like, “Eddiiiee, Eddiiiee….” And now I’m starting to panic. It was like “Billy Goat’s Gruff,” cause I’m right underneath the thing, and I’m like… But I remember there was this kind of this poignant moment at the end, they were like, “Well, I swear he was here,” and, “Well, bye Eddie…” And then, just real quietly to myself, I went, “Bye…”

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